Email Security

What is Email Security?

Email security is an important part of corporate cybersecurity.

It involves the protection of email, its associated data, and accounts, against unauthorized access and activity.

Using email security solutions such as spam filters, encryption tools, and user authentication systems can help organizations keep the correspondence confidential, reduce the spread of malware, and protect against phishing attacks.

Companies must look for solutions that are easy to configure and maintain in order to ensure their email security stays up-to-date with the latest threats.

With a thorough approach to secure email communications & processes, businesses can prevent data theft and stay one step ahead of cyber attackers.

What are Email Security Gateways?

Email Security Gateways are a vital layer of defense when it comes to ensuring the safety of data and information sent over email.

They act as an intermediary between an organization’s mail servers and the outside world, using a variety of methods like filtering, sandboxing, and malware detection to scrutinize incoming and outgoing emails.

By actively checking for viruses, suspicious links or attachments, malicious content, unauthorized access attempts, vulnerability exploitation attempts, and more, Email Security Gateways offer organizations far-reaching protection against malicious activities such as phishing attacks and data thefts.

They can also be used to archive emails for compliance purposes and apply traffic shaping solutions which give control over how much bandwidth is dedicated to any sort of communication.

With the ever-increasing sophistication of cyber threats, Email Security Gateways continue to play an integral role in comprehensive security systems.

Email Security

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IRONSCALES is the fastest-growing email security company in the world and the market leader in anti-phishing technologies. Their post-delivery protection solution offers protection against advanced phishing email threats like business email compromise (BEC), VIP impersonation, and Account Takeover (ATO). Their cloud-based solution is fully compatible with Office 365 and Google Workspace, meaning it is easy to deploy and does not require any MX record changes. Delivered as a comprehensive platform with a single admin dashboard, IRONSCALES’ solution provides security teams with the ability to detect and remediate phishing attacks.

IRONSCALES combines artificial and human intelligence to identify and automatically remove malicious emails in real-time. Once a suspicious event has been detected, IRONSCALES’ virtual security analyst (named Themis) detects and removes the threat from all impacted end-user inboxes, thereby reducing the workload of your busy security team. Each time this happens, the platform logs and remembers it so that the same attack can never infiltrate the network again.

IRONSCALES also allows end-users to report suspicious emails with a button directly inside their email inbox, regardless of whether they’re on desktop or mobile. When an end-user reports an attack in this way, all other users who have received the email will be notified with a customizable warning banner. Finally, they offer tailored, gamified phishing awareness training to teach users how to identify and report real-world attacks.

IRONSCALES’ complete solution is suited for organizations that need powerful, automated protection against phishing attacks.

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