Miami’s Charter Industry Shaken Up With Theft of Two Major Yachts

miami south beach marinaOn October 3rd, 2016 Anker’s Yacht Charters one of Miami’s top yacht charter companies reported a break-in at Miami Beach Marina – one of South Beach’s most prominent marinas.

Although police aren’t sure of how infiltrators got in, they are sure that two boats were stolen with several others being vandalized. ¬†While this may not be a security related story what interest us here at Security Forest is how something as expensive as a yacht can be stolen.

It turns out that yacht security is actually pretty advanced.

It turns out that boats like those Miami Yachts use three kinds of security protocols.

  • Local Alarms – These communicate with nearby stations or police and inform them of the theft.
  • Remote communication – Like a tracking beacon, yachts can be tracked and their exact location can be pinpointed. It’s pretty hard to steal a million dollar piece of machinery.
  • Interactive Yacht Security Systems – Luckily the yachts stolen in Miami were equipped with an effect response system that allowed security teams to communicate via speakers directly with the owners.

Did Such Systems Protect South Beach’s Yacht Tours and Charters

Installing such systems isn’t cheap and it really relies on the appropriate communication capabilities of your particular yacht. In the case of these Miami-based charter tours, they either have cellular or other Internet access that allows for a satellite communication device to be used. These systems are usually part of the initial sale of the boat. ¬†However a reoccurring fee is often involved for uptime monitoring and tracking.

How Can Yacht Monitoring Protect Miami’s Marinas

Charter boat security is similar to protecting a house, services require monitoring and a constant ability to communicate with real-time operators. Simply installing a loud siren or alarm isn’t going to do the trick.

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